RAALS Arbitration.....NOT Alternative Dispute Resolution.
But APPROPRIATE Dispute Resolution!!

RAALS’s mission is to perform all legal representations in the interest of our clients by providing them the best value for their legal expenditures in the field of Arbitration in India or Abroad and finally a Successful Outcome
The main ADR alternatives to civil litigation are negotiation, arbitration, conciliation and mediation. Other, more particular ADR processes available are early neutral evaluation, mini-trial, summary jury trial, and the judicial settlement conference. Disputing parties use these ADR methods because they are expeditious, private, and generally much less expensive than a trial. While each of these ADR processes may be effective in various circumstances, mediation in the United States has proven to offer superior advantages for the resolution of disputes that resist resolution.
Arbitration is the leading form of international dispute resolution between businesses of different nationalities, as well as between foreign investors and States. It is a consensual, neutral, binding, private and enforceable means of international dispute resolution, which is typically faster and less-expensive than domestic court proceedings. It is sometimes called a hybrid form of international dispute resolution, since it blends elements of civil law and common law procedure, while allowing the parties an opportunity to design the procedural rules under which their dispute will be resolved
Companies frequently include international arbitration agreements in their commercial contracts with businesses located in other States, so that if a dispute arises they are obligated to arbitrate before neutral arbitrators rather than to pursue litigation before a foreign court. A relatively recent phenomenon, HYPERLINK "https://www.international-arbitration-attorney.com/investment-arbitration/" investor-State arbitration concerns arbitration proceedings by foreign investors against States on the basis of bilateral or multilateral investment treaties, or domestic laws providing consent to arbitration.
RAALS rightly calls ALTERNATIVE Dispute Resolution as APPROPRIATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION, since the term ‘Alternative’ makes the ADR secondary than a Court, but if adhered to, Court becomes secondary and ADR becomes the primary and ‘appropriate’ for the clients looking for quick remedies at a lesser cost.

RAALS a firm business serving a sophisticated or specialized clientele on Indian and International arbitration law firm which provides the highest quality legal representation for international commercial arbitrations, investor-State arbitrations and international construction disputes, globally, at more reasonable rates than large corporate firms.
RAALS focuses solely on resolving disputes through Arbitration, combining HYPERLINK "https://www.acerislaw.com/industry-expertise/" legal excellence, rigour, experience and an outstanding track record with HYPERLINK "https://www.acerislaw.com/arbitration-legal-fees/" reasonable legal fees that are typically one-third those of the large corporate firms we typically face and where our lawyers previously practiced. Our experienced team of law professionals and technical experts of various domains performed as legal counsel in hundreds of commercial, investment and construction arbitrations, for clients including individuals, businesses and States located in India and Singapore. We have provided legal representation in numerous typically UNCITRAL) arbitrations, obtaining highly favourable outcomes for our clients.

At RAALS Arbitration Law firm you are sure of

Legal Analysis in its Excellence  and Practicality
Procedural techniques used in International Arbitration and Mediation
The highest calibre legal representation before diverse Arbitral Tribunals in India & Singapore
Honest, Transparency, Ethics, Integrity and Full Force of legal representation
RAALS also offers:
Reasonable fees for all types of cases
Excellent Track Record of Arbitration Proceedings in India / Abroad
Multi-lingual Professional Legal Groups as per needs

A place of infrastructure and ambience at Our Head Quarters in Chennai and other places in India and Singapore


RAALS provided the first-rate legal representation for arbitrations under Indian Law and Singapore Law and also representations for arbitrations under English Law, Swiss Law, French Law, New York Law, OHADA Law, Turkish Law, Saudi Law, Public International Law, and the laws of many other common law and civil law jurisdictions. In RAALS, the working languages are English, Mandarin, Chinese and in addition our team of Professional Lawyers also speak, Spanish, Serbian, Roamanian, German, Russian and Arabic and they all have performed as Counsels in cases with English, Mandarin, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese and many other linguistic elements.
PRO BONO LEGAL REPRESENTATION - “for the public good”
At RAALS, we undertake professional legal representation for certain international arbitrations and public international law disputes (Arbitral Proceedings) without charge, especially legal work for a client with low income earning capacity. Unlike traditional HYPERLINK "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volunteerism"volunteerism, RAALS uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.  RAALS acts as the central motivation of large organizations such as National Health Service and various NGOs which exist for the public good rather than for sharing profits. RAALA also encourages the private sectors where professionals like lawyers, corporate, MNCs and bankers offer their specialist skills for the benefit of the community or NGOs
RAALS has in store a group of law professionals acting also as Arbitrators and Mediators in Indian and International Disputes in additional to Technical Arbitrators specialized in various domains
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