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According to RAALS, the history of human dispute resolution has travelled these two paths - Peace & war. Reconciliation & conflict. One way is marked by diplomacy the art of NEGOTIATION, COMMUNICATION & COMPROMISE. The other route takes a darker turn towards VIOLENCE, SKIRMISH & WARFARE. Both methods have been effective in entirely different ways. Each presents its own range of benefits, costs, and casualties.
In RAALS, Mediation is nothing but Assisted Negotiation. Mediation is used as a procedure among the commercial dispute resolution in the United States and many other common law jurisdictions. Encouraging the use of mediation facilitates the resolution of disputes and helps to avoid the worry, time and cost associated with court-based litigation, in this way citizens are enabled to secure their legal rights in an efficient way.


Family Disputes
Housing and Property Disputes
Business and Commercial Disputes
Employment and Workplace Disputes
Technology and Intellectual Property Disputes
Company and Shareholder Disputes
Disputes relating to Sports and Media Laws

Mediation Advocacy is the technique of presenting and arguing a client’s position, needs and interests in a NON-ADVERSARIAL way. The negotiated outcome to a dispute is usually more satisfying, more effective, more workable, more flexible and more durable than an order imposed by a court or other tribunal. The parties to a dispute should control its process and its outcome. The parties to a dispute should be assisted by their professional representatives or advisors in coming to a settlement that both deals with all matters in issue and also meets their true needs and wider interests. The parties to a dispute should be assisted by their professional representatives or advisors in coming to a settlement that both deals with all matters in issue and also meets their true needs and wider interests. The parties to a dispute should have regard to helping the opposite party secure its needs while at the same time preserving their own.

RAALS’s scope of activities extends to promoting mediation awareness among the judiciary, legal fraternity, commercial users, and general public, training mediation representatives and accredit them.


RAALS Mediation is a procedure designed to resolve disputes through agreement,           i.e., through the mutual consent of the parties. Although the procedure is frequently confused with arbitration, it is fundamentally different. In arbitration, the neutral reaches a decision based upon evidence presented by the parties; in mediation, the neutral facilitates discussion between the parties with the objective of reaching an agreement between the parties. Mediation relies upon the consent of the parties; arbitration does not.

RAALS Mediation is thus dependent upon two inter-related factors: The willingness of the parties to resolve their dispute; and the skill of the mediator in guiding the parties to the point where agreement is possible. There exists a point in every dispute where the parties can reach agreement and RAALS mediation help the parties find that point. The existence of parties acting in good faith to resolve their differences, however, will significantly assist even the best mediators in achieving their objectives. The combination of a talented mediator and motivated parties will generally result in resolution of even the most difficult disputes.

Since the Courts are overburdened with civil cases, the judicial system has embraced the Mediation concept since the following are the benefits of Meidation.
RAALS Mediation is Fast
RAALS Mediation is Flexible
RAALS Mediation brings the parties together
RAALS Mediation is convenient
RAALS Mediation is Creative
RAALS Mediation if Confidential

RAALS believes that the ability to render a decision is not the same skill as that required bringing parties together to reach agreement. The following are the qualifications of the RAALS’s team of mediators
RAALS Mediators are Trustworthy
RAALS Mediators are Patient
RAALS Mediators are Knowledgeable
RAALS Mediators are Intelligent
RAALS Mediators are unbiased
RAALS Mediators possess excellent communication skills

RAALS is engaged in various types of Mediation such as, Statutory Mediation, Court Ordered Mediation, Contractual Mediation and Voluntary Mediation.

RAALS Mediation is a valuable dispute resolution tool because the means of reaching an agreement can be as varied as the disputes that need to be resolved. RAALS Mediation procedures can be tailored to a variety of factors: the personality of the RAALS Mediator; the nature of the dispute; the time or resources available; and the antagonism between the parties. The procedure can thus minimize contentiousness, cost, and resources. If it is unsuccessful, the parties can always resort to the courts or other means of dispute resolution. In short, RAALS Mediation is a valuable weapon against delay, cost, and injustice.
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